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Stay Sweet Baby Company is looking for brand representatives to help us grow and spread the word about our bamboo baby and kid's clothing. As a brand rep, you will become a well-known face in our VIP group and will help create and maintain a super fun vibe! You will have access to some pretty awesome perks that are exclusive to our chosen brand representatives.

  • Share the Stay Sweet Baby Co. VIP Facebook group and/or website to your social media page at least two times per month.

  • You may also share our group or your brand rep code in other Facebook groups but only if they allow promotion.

  • Be an active participant in our VIP Facebook group. Maintain a helpful, positive, and supportive attitude when interacting with other members.

  • Fill out our online brand representative application, if chosen, you will receive an email with more information.

  • It isn't required, but we would love to see you post photos of our clothing being worn!

  • Exclusive 20% discount for brand reps only, as thanks for the hard work you do for SSBC!

  • Opportunities to earn FREE clothing when purchases are made using your unique brand rep code.

  • Become a member of our brand rep group chat where you'll be able to make suggestions and see upcoming drops before they are announced.

  • Enjoy first access to leftover preorder items before they are added to the website and pay preorder pricing instead of RTS pricing!

  • Be a huge part in helping a small, woman-owned business grow and succeed.

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